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About Us

Operating with integrity and commercial professionalism.

Funds Management

As a leading boutique, Piety Investments proudly specialises in structuring and managing Shariah compliant investment funds across both residential development and commercial real estate within Australia. Our team of professionals combine a wealth of experience from industries that include investment banking, property construction and development, and real estate funds management – collectively spanning several decades. Navigating by integrity, expertise and unwavering professionalism, our focus is on investment performance supported by strong corporate governance, with supervision by eminent Shariah Advisors.

Development Funds

The development funds offer investors the opportunity to co-invest in lucrative medium and high density residential development projects in key growth areas. Projects are sourced, analysed, designed, developed and on-sold typically within 18 to 24 months, thus providing investors a return of capital and distribution over relatively short investment terms. Stringent investment criteria are obeyed prior to acquisition and development of the project by the fund, ensuring risk is minimised throughout the development phase and when exiting the project. Piety's Residential Development division has significant experience across all aspects of property development and a strong track record, from being deeply entrenched in and able to source off-market development opportunities, right through to the successful completion of thousands of apartments, ultimately delivering impressive high returns to investors.

Commercial Real Estate Funds

The commercial real estate funds offer investors an opportunity to invest in traditional property sectors such as retail, office and industrial, along with non-traditional sectors like social infrastructure. Funds typically have a 10-year term and our strategy focuses on value-add through active asset management, refurbishment, repositioning and/or rezoning, strata-titling or redevelopment. This strategy, combined with established networks across the Australian real estate market provide access to quality off-market deal flow. Our deployment of a proprietary due diligence and risk management system, yields consistent high returns.

Corporate Governance

As an Australian Financial Services Representative of Australian Financial Services regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Piety Investments is committed to a strong corporate governance framework. It promotes good business and professional ethics which are woven into the group's values. The cornerstone of Piety's corporate governance is transparency and independent oversight of all aspects of the operation to ensure that the interests of all stakeholders are aligned. Recognising the role and importance of corporate governance, the board has in place appropriate measures to enable Piety to fulfil its functions effectively, responsibly and with appropriate accountability.