Crafted Places

Since its inception, Piety Group’s construction division has completed over $450 million of projects and continues to grow.


Piety Construction’s commitment to quality is overseen by a standalone Quality Team, with dedicated quality supervisors allocated to each project. The quality team is an integral part of everything we do in Construction. Responsible for monitoring all aspects of quality and compliance throughout the construction period, along with investigating new technologies and innovations that exist in the marketplace, our team is a collection of driven individuals which are some of the best in the industry, and our reputation and prominence in the residential marketplace continues to grow with every project. A Strong reputation and display of integrity are key to Piety Group management and staff.


Established in 2016, the construction division is a large-scale residential construction company, dedicated to providing high quality construction, expertise in attention to detail and an aggressive commitment to safety and compliance.

Accordingly, we have strengthened a number of policies and procedures throughout the business. Independent consultant peer reviews are conducted on all of our projects with regard to compliance and quality. An upfront focus on sound design principles ensure that our projects are well detailed with a robust attention to detail before reaching site. The Group has a dedicated OHS Management Team, which has the responsibility of companywide WHS practices, in addition to the management and compliance functions it carries out across each of the construction sites.