Crafted Places

Since its inception, Piety Group’s construction division has completed over $450 million of projects and continues to grow.


Piety Construction’s commitment to quality is ensured by a separate Quality and Maintenance Team. This asset management team operates independently to the construction team and monitors quality during construction. Our team is made up of the best in the industry, as reflected in our numerous awards. Strong reputation and display of integrity are key to Piety Group management and staff.


Established in 2016, the construction division is a large-scale residential construction company, dedicated to providing high quality construction, expertise in attention to detail and an aggressive commitment to safety and compliance.

Accordingly, we have adopted a number of policies and procedures. Independent consultants review our projects and provide monthly audits, assessing structural and mechanical integrity. We have also established a maintenance and defects unit that is independent to the construction team. The Group has an OHS Management Team which has responsibility for company wide WHS practices, in addition to a specific Site Safety Coordination team for construction sites.