Meet Amanda Panetta, our Head of Marketing

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Amanda Panetta

Having dedicated her career to delivering successful marketing campaigns by focusing on client relationships, adhering to timelines and budgets and staying up to date on the latest marketing tools, Amanda Panetta is much like a diamond – she shines under pressure.

Thriving amongst the dynamism, where no two days are ever the same, Amanda relishes the unpredictability and excitement that has drawn on her exceptional strategy, budgeting, planning and design skills since joining Piety Group in 2018.

Formerly on a path to pursue a career in law, she’d previously worked in a firm specialising in conveyancing. While the legal side did not live up to her expectations, the property side ignited a passion within her. This eventually lead to employment with some of the most prominent names in real estate and property development, and a love of “off-plan” projects bloomed when poached by one of the biggest project marketers. That’s why, when Piety Group came calling in 2018 when setting up in-house sales and marketing, Amanda was ready for the challenge.

“I saw this as an opportunity to start a new division for the company and build this up from scratch. It would mean I could bring my knowledge and expertise across to the business and create something new and amazing.”

Piety People

Ever since Amanda has embraced the notion that there is no such thing as a “typical” workday – and it’s exactly what she relishes most. Excited by challenges and inspired by short deadlines, there might be a new initiative thrown in the mix or a last-minute request for a presentation or design of marketing material. Sure, there are always emails to answer, tasks to action and team check-ins, but this is all balanced with her project work which forms an essential part of the Piety Group business.

Getting to form such solid bonds with external suppliers and stakeholders has also been an added delight. Lifelong friends have been made in this industry, where sometimes what matters most is not what you know but who you know. Amanda also pays homage to mentor and friend, Ross Karabelas.  The Director of White Noise, his passion for marketing is unrivalled and has helped shape her career, while her perseverance and work ethic has been honed from her father, who toiled relentlessly to provide for his spouse and children.

Piety Life

That’s why, when she’s not hard at work exercising her creative excellence, you’ll find Amanda taking time out to be with loved ones. Whether it’s quality downtime with her husband and daughter, being out with family and friends or even just as simple as savouring a few moments of serenity in her backyard pool, she knows how important it is to seek out balance. In fact, that’s the secret to her success:

“If you have a happy home life, you have a happy work life. Managing both is key. Just because I am a mother doesn’t mean I can’t be successful and career driven – it’s all about balancing both.”  

An outgoing, friendly and creative marketing expert, Amanda will continue to lead the way with Piety Group’s successful marketing team that uses innovation and clever marketing tools to place them as a leader in the industry. That’s why the future for Amanda is just as bright as the diamond she embodies.

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