How to style your home healthy
20 Apr, 2022

With many of us spending more time inside, it’s important that our homes don’t just look good – but make us feel good, too.

A healthy home is a phrase we want to add to our vocab. At BOWERBIRD Interiors, we’ve been thinking about how we can make a healthy home, and here’s what we came up with. (Yep, you can do all this with a little styling.)

Just breathe

Poor air quality can lead to illness so we need to ensure the air we breathe is pure as it can get it. Living plants can improve air quality and absorb the nasties in the air. This is a bonus for us plant lovers as there is no such thing as too many house plants. So get out those pots and spades – we’ve got some work to do.

Let there be light

A good dose of vitamin D has been shown to improve your physical health, aiding your immune and nervous systems. Plus, sunlight can even kill surface bacteria. With all that said, daily sun exposure is great for your mental wellbeing. Swap out solid window coverings with some sheer curtains to give you that privacy when needed and light up your home when you don’t.

Go low-tox

Synthetic materials such as polyurethane are practical for stuffing furniture pieces such as mattresses, sofas, and chairs. That doesn’t mean these materials shouldn’t be improved upon for the health of our planet and our families. Keep an eye out for polyurethane foam that is made without zone depletes or formaldehyde, and is labelled as also low-VOC (volatile organic compounds may have chronic health effects).

Back to basics

Natural fabrics are all the rage right now. Think linens, cottons, and wools – these textiles are safer for the environment and for people with allergies and skin sensitivities. Yes, they do come with a price tag, but with better durability, texture, and style you won’t regret the purchase.

Remove unwanted clutter

The more stuff you have, the more places there are for dust to gather. Homes look bigger and better without clutter anyway, so why not kill two birds with one stone? Put anything you don’t need into storage.

Outside in

In times where we are all so isolated, it is important to take care of ourselves and our mental well-being. Consider creating a space in your home that speaks to your hobbies and interests – things that make you feel calm, inspired, and happy. This could be a cozy spot to kick up your feet and dive into your favourite book, maybe an art studio to get creative, or even a quiet sanctuary to practice yoga and mindfulness.


As seen in Bowerbird Interiors, our project partner.