Maximising your balcony space
3 Dec, 2021

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Our projects contain unique and desirable features for residents – one of them being the ‘All Season Living‘ space – a signature product that Piety Group offers. The idea is to transform the outdoor space into an extension of your living area, increasing the usability of the ‘open-air’ space that is light and natural in our generously proportioned homes.

If you are living in an apartment with an ‘All Season Living’ space, there are endless possibilities on how you turn it into a beautiful outdoor haven to escape to. It’s also more feasible to create an alfresco lifestyle when the area is protected from the elements. It opens up many furniture options that wouldn’t be available on a regular balcony. Below you will find a quick guide on how you can make the most of your outdoor living room.


Use flexible furniture

Consider investing in something that can serve multiple functions. Think of a stool that can also work as a side table or extra seating, or built-in benches that have storage rooms underneath. Maximising your outdoor area is also about considering all the needs of your space. Find something that can be versatile and change with your needs. Modular furniture that can be easily moved around to suit both an outdoor gathering with friends or a quiet evening reading session is one great example.


Light it up

Installing outdoor lighting is one of the many reasons to give the appearance of spaciousness, especially if you like spending a lot of your evenings socialising outside. Adding outdoor lighting such as lamps or string lights are much easier to do in the ‘All Seasons Living’ spaces.


Think greenery

Having plants is always a great way to elevate the lushness of your balcony space. For a confined outdoor space, it’s best to put one or two large pot plants rather than lots of small potted plants so it doesn’t come off as clutter.


Remember: you also have the wall space!

You can also take advantage of the vertical space – add shelves for plants and lights or hang wall slats for that organised look. You can also incorporate a vertical garden to create volume without taking up additional space.


Limit your colour palette

If you want your outdoor space to appear spacious, keeping to a neutral colour palette generally works better than lots of different colours.


Use it!

Having a balcony is hugely beneficial as you get to enjoy your time outside and the fresh air at your leisure with privacy, and it’s just there within your comfort zone. So, use it! You have the opportunity to make this one of the most sought-after spaces a home can offer as your little escape from the world. The more this space gets used, the more likely you would keep it clean and simple year-round.


We hope this has inspired you to make something out of your outdoor living space and use it often. No matter what the size of your outside room is, the possibilities are endless so be creative!