Meet Lloyd Grigg, Our Director
21 Jun, 2021

Lloyd Grigg

Even though Piety Group Director, Lloyd Grigg, likes to joke that his “career in construction was decided on a summer’s afternoon over a few beers”, the reality is he is a seasoned Project Director who, as Piety Group’s Director, is an integral lynchpin to the company’s success.

Backed by a Bachelor of Building Construction Management (Hon) in Construction from the University of Technology, Sydney, Lloyd’s career is a showcase of significant construction projects that total well over $450,000,000. These include the Arc by Crown, which won an MBA 2019 State Excellence in Construction for Residential & Mixed-Use Development Buildings up to $150M and The Residence, Hyde Park, both an MBA state winner and in Residential Construction highly commended nationally.

Piety People

What makes Lloyd so unique and such an asset to Piety Group, however, is his capacity not only to seamlessly oversee all aspects of a project but his people management prowess. Easy-going, approachable and loyal, his clear and open communication style allows the necessary skills to build rapport and create a positive and proactive work environment. In fact, his Friday afternoon ritual is to read out “dad jokes” to the office – something which both endears him to the team and is often cause for the odd eye-roll at his expense!

As someone who relishes a challenge (or “the spice of life” as he refers to it!), Lloyd’s days are brimming with responsibility – but he wouldn’t have it any other way. From ensuring compliance with company policy and procedures by all construction staff to monitoring industry developments, liaising with upper-level clients, managing industrial relations and the strategic management of all current projects, he’s kept extremely busy. Yet all the while, you can count on him to think clearly, work under pressure and seamlessly deliver multiple projects on time and on budget.

Lloyd is also tasked with the supervision of the project teams, the management of company defects, maintenance procurement and invoicing while also ensuring the creation and implementation of a strategy designed to grow the business within the construction team. There’s also the responsibility of providing direct management of key functional managers, ensure the development of tactical programs to pursue targeted goals and objectives and ensuring the overall delivery and quality of the organisation’s offerings to clients and purchasers is second to none.

Piety Life

When he’s not hard at work with his multi-faceted role, you’ll find Lloyd happily ensconced in his favourite pastimes of surfing, horse racing, having a laugh with mates or holidaying with the family (even though he’s the first to admit, he loves his dog more than any of these elements combined!).

While his role is rigorous, there’s nothing that a healthy dose of good times with family and friends, mixed with sunshine and cocktails around the pool can’t fix – except maybe a well-timed ‘dad joke’ – which is why Lloyd Grigg will long be considered one of the finest assets within the Piety Group.