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Olivia Lavalle

For Olivia, Piety Group’s EHS Coordinator Wollongong, safety isn’t just a priority – it’s priceless.

Backed by an extensive career that centres on providing a safe and secure working environment, Olivia was thrilled to join Piety Group with this important preparation and prevention role.

“They have such a great name in the construction industry so I knew that It would be a wonderful company to work for.”

Olivia understands well that safety doesn’t happen by accident. Driven by a vision to normalise this vital part of the building process on and off-site, she’s determined to educate all staff about the importance of how taking shortcuts won’t make finishing the job quicker and that being careful doesn’t cost a thing.

What happens on a construction site

On a typical day, you’ll find Olivia inducting new faces to work sites, conducting daily safety audits as well as communicating with subcontractors about environmental, health and safety issues. She’s also tasked with ensuring complete compliance with the Piety Group standards and thoroughly enjoys seeing the progress made by the incredible construction teams in her circle. There’s also an undeniable pride in being part of a local landmark. Currently, Piety Group is building one of the tallest buildings to grace the Wollongong skyline, which is a remarkable project to be part of.

As a former middle-distance national runner with a goal to race at the Olympics, it’s no surprise Olivia possesses a strong determination to stay organised and work around disruption. She’s also an outstanding communicator and exceptionally approachable and the type of person who converses with ease with sub-contractors, stakeholders to senior executives.

Problem solving for a positive outcome is her secret superpower, as are her time management skills. She often encourages her team to get out of their comfort zones and to trust themselves, too. Why? Because “to live is the rarest thing in the world, most people exist that is all,” – Oscar Wilde.

Piety People

When she’s not being a stickler for safety on the worksite, you’ll find Olivia immersed in her other love – cooking. With a passion for the cuisine scene, she relishes the challenge of recreating authentic recipes into modernised versions and the chance to savour these meals with family and friends.

With a focus on customer service, unrivalled safety and a high sense of integrity, Olivia will continue to shine for Piety Group in her environmental, health and safety role. Enthusiastic, highly motivated, and committed to achieving the best she can for the company, she is determined to emulate her parents’ influence, who raised her with the belief you really can do anything if you are a decent person and put in the effort.

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