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Sajah Hammoud

Executive, Sajah Hammoud, is a valued member of Piety Group, facilitating collegiality between Sales, Marketing, Customer Care, and the Executive branches. Wearing many hats for Sajah is a challenge she happily negotiates. Why? Because, as one of her colleagues says, “she gets results”.

Interestingly, Sajah wasn’t always headed in the direction of a career in property development. She practiced construction and property law, and worked as a solicitor in that capacity for several years before joining Piety Group on a full-time basis. Her ability to translate her legal expertise into actionable best practices and communicate these complex ideas in a straightforward way helped her move seamlessly into her role within this dynamic industry.

Piety Life

A typical day at the office is never ordinary. It might see her piloting an idea brought to her by an employee, facilitating communications between internal and external consultants, or researching the market for the most up to date data and regulations. She’s also focused on the local market with a desire to help Australians achieve their property dreams. Building affordable homes for Australians, with integrity and thoughtful planning, are a matter of course for Sajah and indeed for Piety Group. As she says:

“We design spaces we ourselves would love to live in; homes we would feel proud and excited to host friends and families.”

Sajah’s commitment to quality is in perfect harmony with Piety Group’s eye toward innovation and success. Piety Group staff know that they can come to her with ideas big and small, and they do. Her firm’s ethical operation and the quality of education and experience among her staff are points of pride.

“My goal,” she says, “is to empower both our employees and our stakeholders, and we do that by locking arms and pushing ourselves forward and upward together.”

Described by her colleagues as intelligent and quietly confident with a genuine interest in other cultures and people, Sajah has a long list of visionaries from whom she draws inspiration. From political leaders including the New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, and American Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, to the late Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the US, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It even includes the philanthropic work of Bill and Melinda Gates.

Piety People

She’s also inspired by her family to demonstrate a work ethic which pays homage to their history of resilience, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

When away from the office, Sajah escapes into books on history or linguistics, or a good Netflix Original movie. Her latest pastime pursuit is star-gazing, believing architecture and astronomy to have been linked for thousands of years before light pollution muddied the skies. It is a reflection that in her career, family and leisure time, Sajah reaches for the stars.

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