Giving Back to the Community
23 Jul, 2020

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you receive when giving back to your local community. That’s why we paired up with My Home Disability Services (MHDS) in Birrong to build a brand new, state-of-the-art resource centre to service those who need it most.

Giving back to those who most need help is one of Piety Group’s core values. It’s also what spurred on Managing Director, Bilal El-Cheikh, to offer much needed financial aid to Australian Council of Women Affairs (ACWA) Inc who run My Home Disability Services. When ACWA approached Bilal El-Cheikh for assistance, he had no qualms in assisting in any way he can because he understood the enormity of caring for someone with a disability. ACWA had been supporting families in their caring role since 2007, in a modest cottage that was too small to cater for the growing needs of the community they served. They realised that to continue to provide quality care, they needed to expand and re-build a purposely designed resource centre that would cater for the specific needs of those who had an intellectual and physical disability.

My Home Disability Services (MHDS) in Birrong

ACWA Executive Committee and its members are a group of dedicated and hard-working women, selflessly sacrificing their time to make sure that overwhelmed and aging parents get respite from their caring roles. My Home Disability Services also provides unique and varied opportunities to those with the disability so that they can participate in their community and feel valued. Prior to the establishment of MHDS, females with an intellectual disability were isolated, sheltered and hidden from the public. “At My Home Respite, we give families the break they need to rejuvenate and build the resilience they need to keep going,” advises Maha.

With Piety Group on board as principal sponsor and developer, and fuelled by a determination to give back, they procured critical funding of approximately $300,000, and also organised a fundraiser dinner to gather the shortfall needed for this project. This, in conjunction with the help of ACWA, and the builders, Alliance Project Group, ensured awareness was raised and resulted in many sub-contractors contributing their valuable time and resources to rebuild the MHDS Resource Centre in Birrong to meet modern day needs.

My Home Disability Services (MHDS) in Birrong

It’s also been able to establish much needed day programs for adults with unique abilities while also providing support to their families, as well as flexible community participation support; support coordination; recreation programs and learning and life skills development.

“Piety Group are humbled to have played such an instrumental role in the rebuild of the My Home Disability Services in Birrong,” adds MD, Bilal El-Cheikh.

“Giving back and giving a voice to those who need it most in our local community is an honour and we’re thrilled to see the centre is continuing to go from strength to strength.”

Since the completion of the new resource centre, MHDS has been able to offer a more varied and flexible service that includes a day program, flexible community participation support; support coordination; life skills training and personal care assistance.

If you’d like to do your bit to help this inspirational cause, visit the My Home Disability Services website and scroll down to the “Donate Now” section or click here to see if you fit the criteria to volunteer. As Piety Group knows well, giving back is the greatest gift.

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