Storage solution for apartment living
18 Mar, 2022

As more people choose the benefits of Sydney’s urban lifestyle, in the form of apartment living, space has become a progressively more essential topic of conversation. Piety Group’s goal is to help people make the most of their available space whether it’s in the kitchen, balcony, living room, bedroom, or bathroom – without compromising on design or quality which is integral to living a clutter-free life.


Make use of the space you have

It’s worth mentioning that smart storage solutions need to find the right balance between functionality, good architecture, and interior design principals. Every room and its storage requirements are different; therefore, the potential impact of that storage will also differ from room to room. For example, a bathroom may include a linen cupboard, vanity storage and face-height storage behind a mirror, while in the kitchen open shelving is a functional addition serving as a multi- purpose storage area.


Steer clear of clutter

Take your time transitioning your apartment into a home. Rather than decorating and filling each room with knick- knacks and random items that create clutter, choose key essential pieces that make a statement in your space. Think about how each item makes you feel, and only decorate with pieces that bring you joy, rather than using items just because they are laying around. Think accent decorations that are simple and little in number; have a less is more approach when it comes to décor. You could use small potted plants or one vase of flowers as your main focal point. Leave walls bare except for maybe one or two pieces of artwork. Your goal is to use décor in a way that adds interest to an otherwise boring space, but which does not overtake the space and look cluttered.


Incorporate island storage additions

Your kitchen is also an area which provides key storage spaces. Take advantage of a kitchen island with drawers and compartments to store appliances, utensils, jars, canned goods, and maybe other hoarded items which you never use but just can’t part with yet. If used efficiently, the kitchen area doesn’t need to just be an area where you eat and cook, it can be additional storage to help declutter your home.




Piety Group focuses on opportunist attributes when it comes to apartment living, including outdoor and balcony space. Our ‘all seasons living’ feature is an extension of your home and can be used as extra storage space, your personal relaxation area, somewhere to share the space and enjoy time with friends and loved ones including pets. You can even get in touch with your green thumb and create your own mini garden oasis, the list is endless. This apartment feature is designed to be adapted to suit your needs and purposes. Check out our guide on how to maximise your balcony space.