The Power of Partnerships in Property Development
2 Aug, 2022

A family business in its own right, Piety Group upholds genuine family values that allow them to approach partnerships in a unique way—large enough to make a difference but small enough to be agile and effect change.

This is the grounding principle that allows Piety Group to build and develop areas that foster a strong sense of community—for the benefit of its partners, stakeholders, and residents.

Piety Group works on diverse residential and mixed-use projects that range in scale and value, undertaking developments that have yielded 150 to 650 apartments valued from $120 million to $535 million, and building more than 2000 apartments valued about $2 billion throughout Sydney within the decade.

Piety Group attributes this growth to solid and productive working relationships with like-minded partners paired with extensive research on the Australian property development industry.

“We have an opportunity to make an impact by creating sustainable, affordable and diverse communities across Sydney—my focus is to identify projects that fit those criteria.”

— Peter Cavallaro, Piety Group Development Director

ONE The Waterfront surrounds 5,000 sqm of parklands, aerial sky gardens, and resort-style amenities, including a resident’s luxury lounge. Architect: Stanisic. Interior: Turner Studio. Landscape: Urbis. Image: TFAD

Piety Group works with a trusted network of partners to guarantee that all touchpoints are addressed, the maximum potential of each development project is achieved, and the entirety of the project is carried out with a consistent level of commitment to quality.

Recent projects mostly focused on designing neighbourhoods that pay homage to history, maximise communal spaces and retain heritage façades in a sustainable manner.

Our collaboration with Piety Group has involved a distinctive concept and design style that created a value to the future residents and the community. Piety Group’s team had great attention to the details and materiality which made the project unique and versatile.”

— Jun Sakaguchi, Jackson Teece (one of Piety Group’s partners for the North Strathfield project)

“We welcomed the collaborative process of working with Piety Group and, together, created future communities that offer high levels of amenity with them.”

— James McCarthy, Turner (the studio that worked with Piety Group on the Wentworth Point project)

By extending genuine family values to colleagues and aligned organisations, Piety Group develops collaborative partnerships and fosters open communications. This ensures the quality of each project and maintains productive efficiencies. 

“Our hands-on approach throughout construction and detailed quality control plans ensures delivery of the highest standards without compromising safety or integrity.”

— Lloyd Grigg, Piety Group Head of Construction and Director

Kee’s striking façade deploys passive solar design concepts to maximise natural light, ventilation and reduce energy consumption. Architect: FUSE Architect. Image: TFAD

We have the expertise and discpline to match any tier-one developer, and my goal is to position us in a collaborative manner with partners that inspire the industry—to not be the best in the industry but best for the industry.”

— James Quigley, Piety Group Managing Director

Piety Group is continuously looking for ways to remain innovative and progressive to deliver successful outcomes and maintain strong ongoing stakeholder relationships.

Among the projects brought to us by the Piety Group are Crownview Wollongong, BEYOND Hurstville, ONE The Waterfront Wentworth Point, KEE Lidcombe, View Rockdale, Imperial Hurstville and Bay Pavilions Lane Cove—all created with a vision of diversity and strong sense of community.

As seen on The Urban Developer.