Wollongong and Hurstville Topping Out Ceremony

15 Feb 2021

Construction Major Milestone

We recently celebrated the topping out of our projects at Wollongong and Hurstville. The celebrations were complete with a symbolic tree and barbeques for the teams who worked hard to make it happen. The beautiful sunny days also helped to highlight the spectacular views and locations.

Crownview Wollongong Trivia

  • 15,000 m³ of concrete has been laid in the structure which is equal to the weight of 197 x Boing 747s.
  • 1,600 tonne of reo has been laid into both structures which is the same as laying lengths of reo end over end from Wollongong to Appin.
  • Building A is the height of a football field, and building B is the height of 30 x Shaquille O’Neals!

Thinking outside the box for Beyond Hurstville

Beyond Hurstville project started slabs on ground last October and now we get to celebrate this great milestone for building A with building B soon to come.

We’ve had to think “outside the box” regarding scaffold solutions to allow for our curvy pre-cast install on each level. Additional supports were required for the pre-cast installation on the formwork deck, which is quite unique. The team has change a few times during the build and is now really hitting it’s stride with the right people in the right place. Since the latest changes, the team has been led by Michael Petracca (Site Manager) who runs a pretty tight ship and with his team is steering the project on a successful journey. The Hurstville team and their sub-contractors have done a fantastic job to date and are looking forward to the challenges of completing building A, B, C & D.

▲ TOP: Piety Group Wollongong team’s “topping out” ceremony. BOTTOM: Piety Group Hurstville team’s “topping out” ceremony.

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