World Creativity and Innovation Day

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World Creativity and Innovation Day (WCID) on 21 April 2021 advocates solving problems and thinking in new ways.

Founder, Marci Segal, states it is a day to “create new ideas, make new decisions, take new actions and achieve new outcomes to make the world a better place, and to make our place in the world better as well.”

The idea of setting aside a day to focus on creativity and innovation in 2002 has caught on and now 19 years later, fifty nations join in the celebrations.

A Day Dedicated to Creativity and Innovation

As Marci says, “there are lots of opportunities for new thinking and new innovation, and the thing is, we already have the capacity, so why don’t we just use it?”

Insanity is doing the same thing, the same way, over and over, while expecting different results. We all know this saying, and yet it’s still a common trap we all fall into.

Creativity and innovation are beneficial in every walk of life, occupation, and career. We continually improve ourselves and our lives when we to get new ideas or gain new knowledge. From life-hacks we learn online to TED talks, from workshops or presentations by professional speakers, or just an epiphany on a morning walk.

We all need ways to increase our energy levels and keep motivation alive. It’s also a great time to try and think of old problems in new ways with the benefits of potentially finding a better or more effective methods to accomplish our goals!

Here are some ideas on how to Celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Day.

Keep a Journal

Start your day by jotting down your ideas and thoughts, even your dreams. The melody to “Yesterday” came to Paul McCartney in a dream. A bullet journal may be a good method for brainstorming and allowing you to explore your creative side. Use it for doodling, sketching, color-coding notes, mind maps, and other brainstorming activities.

Pay attention to ideas that occur, whether they are for personal use, or ways that other people can do things better. Thinking about things that annoy you can be a good motivator on how you can change them for the better.

Look at the World with Fresh Eyes

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.” ~ Wayne Dyer

We get so used to seeing and judging things and people based on our own experience that we rarely ever see them with fresh unbiased eyes. By imagining an experience through someone else’s eyes, we are more likely to recapture our own appreciation or excitement of that experience.

By getting down to a toddler’s height and looking at the world through their eyes we might remember how amazing the world us is.

Do Things Differently

“We are what we repeatedly do.” ~ Aristotle

Creativity and inspiration can come from just doing things a little differently. Try a new ice cream flavour, check out a new restaurant or café, or visit a new museum or art exhibit. Even going for a walk around your usual spot but in the opposite direction is enough to shake things up and give you a new perspective.

Simply doing something small, like taking a different route to work, can change the way a you think or responds to problems.

Meet with Different People 

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” ~ Jim Rohn

According to motivational speaker Jim Rohn, the people you spend the most time with shape who you are. They determine what conversations dominate your attention. They affect which attitudes and behaviours you are regularly exposed. Eventually you start to think like they think and behave like they behave.

Sometimes in life, you just hit a wall and aren’t sure where to go or what to do next. Some call it being stuck in a rut. In the same way that doing something differently can bring about ideas, collaboration with others who think differently than can help to foster new ideas or ways of thinking.

Team collaborations can bring together various personalities with diverse expertise, and this collaboration makes solving problems easier and faster. When a team collaborates smoothly, shares information, and have open communication, participants are committed to their task 64% longer than those acting individually.

Inspiration can also come from across the world. Learning about the way different cultures across the globe do things can help not only promote respect for others but also generate new ideas. Whether you’re “visiting” by watching a documentary or reading a book, or travelling to a new place, this experience will help to promote creativity.

Be Brave to Innovate

“It takes courage to be creative. Just as soon as you have a new idea, you are a minority of one.” ~ E. Paul Torrance

Coming up with new ideas is a great start, however if the ideas are not implemented, the desired effect cannot be achieved which is innovation. Courage makes change and innovation possible.

Creativity and innovation require risk and the risk of failure is not comfortable. It takes courage to share our ideas and creativity and when we do, amazing innovations can come from it. It was collaboration, creativity and human ingenuity that saved the Apollo 13 astronauts.

World Creativity and Innovation Day could be the day that can set the world on a whole new path!

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