10 Years of Piety: Our top 10 moments from 10 years in business
23 Dec, 2022

This year we celebrated our first milestone anniversary, with Piety Group having reached 10 years in business.

Over the past decade Piety Group has successfully delivered 2000+ apartments and achieved a group revenue in excess of 2.1 Billion – and we’re only just getting started.

As 2022 comes to an end, it’s time to take a look back on 10 Years of Piety.

Read on to discover Piety Group’s top 10 moments from 10 years in business.

1. The Orient, Waitara

In 2012, Piety Group began its development journey in Sydney with its first project – The Orient, Waitara. 

From an initial $35 million investment, the founding team successfully delivered this first project, comprising 102 apartments, by January 2014. 

The Orient, Waitara is considered our very first milestone for the business; as from this initial project the team quickly grew confident in Piety Group’s ability to deliver high quality residential projects. 

With momentum building, we moved straight on to our next project in Lane Cove, a 273 apartment development – this time with a project value of $225 million.

2. Bay Pavilions, Lane Cove

Delivered in 2015 as a joint-venture with Malaysian-based TH Properties, the goal behind Bay Pavilions was to pave the way for Shariah-compliant developments within Australia. 

At the time, the $225 million development went on to become the most significant residential development in Lane Cove’s history – a clear milestone in itself!

3. ONE The Waterfront, Wentworth Point

Deemed as our first step into ‘the big league’, in 2015 Piety Group acquired a $100 million Wentworth Point development site.

What started out as derelict industrial land just a few years ago, has quickly been transformed by our team into one of Sydney’s greatest residential communities. 

Now home to ONE The Waterfront, this milestone acquisition is one of our greatest defining moments to date for Piety Group. 

ONE The Waterfront, now entering its final stage, today has a value of $520 million.

Once Stage 3 is complete, Piety Group will have developed, built and delivered a staggering 620 apartments across 9 buildings in the one project alone.

The project also features extensive state of the art facilities for residents to enjoy and a 6 level basement, the second largest in Australia to Barangaroo. 

These factors combined make ONE The Waterfront a milestone development for not only our business but for Sydney wide, and today this development still stands as the largest within our portfolio.

4. Imperial, Hurstville

Completed in 2018, our award-winning Imperial Hurstville project created a new standard for Australian residential design. 

A collaborative partnership with Stanisic Architects, one cannot ignore the iconic gold metallic facades of this timeless development. 

With panoramic views of Sydney’s CBD and Botany Bay coupled with its striking finishes, the $200 million project set new heights for our business, exuding luxury on every level. 

At Piety Group we are conscious of reducing our environmental impact. Imperial strategically reflects this through the integration of 3 sky gardens with shared amenities – showcasing to the Sydney market our ability to be equally as efficient as we are innovative. 

By 2019, Imperial Hurstville was publicly acclaimed for its excellence at the NSW Architecture Awards – deemed the 2019 overall winner for the ‘Residential Architecture Multiple Housing’ Category. 

For these reasons and more, Imperial Hurstville still stands to be one of our most innovative milestone moments.

5. VIEW, Rockdale

Delivered in 2019, VIEW Rockdale is renowned for its award-winning design and versatile layout. 

A collaborative partnership with FUSE Architects, this inspiring development features flowing interiors, open living plans and wide terraces – all designed to optimise space and ensure an abundance of natural light. 

Whilst visually iconic for the Rockdale area, sustainability is also intrinsic to the design and success of VIEW. 

Each apartment’s configuration and orientation was designed with solar access in mind to reduce residents’ reliance on electrical lighting, cooling and heating throughout the year. 

A milestone in itself, this cutting-edge project also received a Silver Award at the Sydney Design Awards in 2020.


6. Opening of Bay Park at ONE The Waterfront

The completion of Bay Park at ONE The Waterfront is another one of our greatest milestone moments for us at Piety Group. 

This 5,000 sqm public park – featuring BBQ facilities, water features, outdoor gym equipment, playground and pedestrian walkways –  was pivotal in our ability to create the ultimate sense of community for our ONE The Waterfront residents and the wider Wentworth Point public.  

This milestone achievement emphasises our overriding Piety Group mission – to create inspiring contemporary lifestyles and communities for Sydneysiders through our delivery of high quality developments. 

As our Managing Director, James Quigley insists; “The projects need to have the design and functionality that residents want and need, and not just be another project in the market,”

Today Bay Park continues to be at heart of what we do best. With Piety Group often running all inclusive Family Fun Day events at this distinct location.

7. KEE, Lidcombe

Completed in the midst of the Pandemic, KEE Lidcombe was no easy feat! 

With a project value of $114 million and 147 apartments completed in total, KEE Lidcombe was successfully delivered in September 2020 despite the many new challenges faced by the construction industry from COVID-19. 

Affirming a commitment to refined and elegant living, our KEE apartments excelled with a range of high quality finishes and innovative design. 

The project went on to become a finalist in the 2021 Urban Taskforce Development Excellence Awards and also was awarded Silver at the 2021 Sydney Design Awards for the Architecture Multi Residence (10+ floors) category. 

Overcoming the Pandemic to deliver KEE, Lidcombe at our award-winning quality standard was a testament to our talented and experienced team – and for this reason it’s one of our top milestone moments.

8. Beyond, Hurstville

As a collaborative venture between Fridcorp, DKO Architecture, Woods Bagot, 360 Degrees Landscape and Piety Group – Beyond, Hurstville is truly an inspiring and innovative project we are proud to collectively deliver alongside our industry partners. 

With the Piety team leading the construction of the $520 million project, once complete, Piety Group will have built Beyond’s 563 apartments across 4 buildings along with 800 car spaces, sustainable communal areas and world class amenities. 

In September 2022, we celebrated the completion of Buildings A & B, a milestone moment in itself after numerous delays from COVID-19. Being able to successfully deliver this first stage to purchasers after such challenging times within the industry has become one of our most rewarding outcomes to date.

9. Intercontinental Sydney Double Bay

Acquiring the iconic Intercontinental Sydney Double Bay, alongside our industry partner Fridcorp, was another top milestone moment for Piety Group.  

Since purchasing this historic site last year, our ongoing revamp of this prestigious landmark hotel has significantly broadened our development portfolio all whilst challenging and inspiring our team in new ways.

The Intercontinental has enriched Piety Group with a greater level of expertise for high end mix-use development projects, further expanding our reach of influence within this significant development sector.

10. The Halston, North Strathfield

The future looks bright with construction to begin in early 2023 for our highly anticipated The Halston, North Strathfield

Deemed ‘The Future of North Strathfield Property’ our latest off the plan project is already making a big impression within the industry – and for this reason it makes it on to our top 10 list of Piety Group milestones. 

As a collaboration between FUSE Architects, Jackson Teece, Sturt Noble and Piety Group, together with our partners we are collectively determined to redefine the apartment lifestyle for our future Halston residents. 

With a project value of $120 million, The Halston presents an enchanting new approach to residential living, where beauty, sustainability and luxury meet.

A milestone in itself, The Halston’s showroom is our most opulent display suite to date, featuring DisplaySweet’s state-of-the-art technology with immersive functionality and Jackson Teece’s high quality interiors throughout. 

Ultimately, The Halston as a milestone moment illuminates the direction of our future, giving buyers and industry peers alike a taste of the luxurious standard Piety Group intends to deliver throughout our next decade of developments.

Looking back on our 10 year journey, there’s no denying we’ve come a long way since our inception. 

We are truly grateful for our entire Piety Group team, as well as the many talented industry partners we’ve connected with over the years, who not only continue to inspire us, but have helped us elevate the home lifestyle experience for thousands of Sydneysiders. 

Whilst Piety Group’s prominence within the Sydney development industry continues to grow with every new project, our core focus remains the same – to enrich communities through the delivery of award-winning developments for many years to come.