Meet Peter Cavallaro, our Development Director
10 Nov, 2022

It all began with the drawing of a horse. 

At the age of seven, Peter recalls the defining life moment vividly, when his parents were overly impressed with his latest artwork. 

Marvelling at Peter’s sketch work – his mother proclaimed to his father “I think we might have an Architect in the family,”

How his mother related a drawing of a horse to Architecture, Peter will never quite understand but the moment still resonates with him and since that fateful day an inspiring career spanning over four decades has followed.

Ambitious from an early age, Peter completed four years of Architecture and an additional six years of study to gain his Bachelor of Applied Science, Building Degree all whilst maintaining full-time senior positions in his chosen field.

Fast forward to today and it’s this strong work ethic that has facilitated Peter in achieving a deep and trialled understanding of the full development cycle – from site acquisition, planning approvals, project finance, marketing and sales through to construction delivery and occupancy. 

Having previously worked with major corporations such as Westfield, Coles, Myer, Paynter Dixon and Thiess (a subsidiary company of the Leighton Holdings Group), Peter is commercially astute with a strong profit orientation. 

Now within his new role at Piety Group, Peter is leading the growth of the development business and is looking forward to making a major contribution to the Company’s continued success. 


Peter joined Piety Group at the start of this year and has spent the past ten months securing a future pipeline of projects to meet the Company’s organic growth plans. 

Piety Group has an appetite for quality, high-rise residential development, hospitality and mixed-use residential & commercial development – all of which directly aligns with Peter’s high performance and results driven character. 

“It’s an opportune time to join Piety Group at such an exciting stage of growth for the business. Piety Group is an autonomous organisation comprising highly sought-after professionals in the property industry…We are a discerning development & construction organisation and don’t say ‘yes’ to every opportunity. We are quite selective and maintain high aspirations for the continued growth of the business,”

Peter’s resourceful skill set of problem solving and his natural ability to build positive long standing relationships with all stakeholders has enabled him to jump straight into the driver’s seat when it comes to Piety’s future development plans.

“I take great pride in growing businesses, managing project stakeholders, and being recognised as a major contributor to the Company’s growth and profit requirements,”

Showing no signs of slowing down – aside from the occasional joke that he’s surely ‘closer to retirement’ by now – Peter’s self motivation is admirable and his innate personality to lead by example within the development industry is evident as he passionately shares his words of wisdom.

“There is always room for improvement. Channel someone, a business leader in the industry you admire. Learn from your experiences, and don’t make the same mistake twice,”


Yet whilst Peter is driven to make a lasting difference to the Piety Group business, it’s his zest for life and energetic friendly nature that inspires those closest to him the most.

“Work life balance is critically important. I plan my day the night before, right down to what I am going to wear the next day. Have a ‘to do’ list and end the workday knowing you have been productive and delivered on your daily goals. Otherwise, why get out of bed at 5:30am every morning?”

Outside the office, Peter insists on always ending the day with exercise and lives by the principle that nothing is more important than family.

“They are my rainbow, and I am proud to say that my grandchildren are that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I have been blessed,”

Encompassing the perfect balance between work and family life, it’s clear Peter’s greatest skill of all is inspiring the Piety Group team around him to always be the best version of themselves. 

Loyal, supportive and driven, Peter’s perspective on life is simple –

“Believe in my ability to do well, excel and make a difference in the career path I have chosen. Never allow doubt, or the negativity of others, influence my decisions and always remain mindful to have fun along the way,”