Meet James Quigley, our Managing Director
24 May, 2022
Inspired by his father who worked as a property valuer and developer in Adelaide, James treasures all the precious memories he had as a child – holding the other end of a tape measure and assisting his dad as he worked on a number of buildings and project sites.

This forever ignited his passion to continue in the property industry.

James completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Property Resource Management (Valuation) in 1987 at the University of South Australia and later a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment from Securities Institute of Australia to further cement his knowledge and skills within the property and funds management industries.

Now, with over 30 years of experience working for major property groups all over Australia and taking on both agency and property investment roles, James has all the leadership and inspirational qualities that contribute to Piety Group’s success.

Piety People

James’ role is strongly focused on the growth of Piety Group.

This involves working with the senior team to identify suitable development projects, sourcing Joint Ventures and securing debt partners as part of our expansion strategy.

James also collaborates with an experienced in-house construction team that assesses costs and key delivery risks, all of which give Piety Group a major advantage in the current environment of high-cost escalations. James, together with his team, has built a disciplined underwriting process that involves preparing a detailed feasibility analysis for all projects under review.

“When I joined Piety, I really appreciated how I could utilise all of my past experience to ensure the ongoing success of the Group. I am also able to work with my extensive network of past colleagues, networks and friends to help identify opportunities and explore new development opportunities and capital sources.”

As an outgoing, decisive, self-starter and all-around amiable person, James enjoys leading and inspiring his team to deliver great outcomes. This, paired with his ability to identify and solve complex problems, empowers the team to deliver successful results.

As a genuine people person with a great sense of humour and strong communication skills, James’ colleagues really enjoy his company. So, here’s a Piety Group guarantee: you’ll never get bored in James’ presence.

In his new role as the Managing Director of Piety, James is confident that he has the ideal experience and drive to ensure the organisation succeeds and grows over the next few years. On top of this, James is also passionate about refining and improving Piety’s ESG credentials to become a major contributor to the group’s success.

“As a leader and mentor, I have worked through numerous
economic and industry cycles and I find fulfilment in passing on my experience to the next generation.”

Piety Life

Outside of the hustle of his busy role at Piety, you’ll find James enjoying the company of his friends and family or playing his favourite sport – golf. He recently re-joined a club after a 20-year break while raising his three boys alongside his wife, Kate.

Finding the perfect balance between work and recreational activities helps James remain grounded to then lead the team to be the best version of themselves.

Passionate, efficient and dedicated, James Quigley is undeniably one of our most valuable assets at the Piety Group.