Meet our Customer Relationship Coordinator, Lyndal Herczik
7 Apr, 2021

Lyndal Herczik

Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.

It’s the mantra coined by one of the great business minds of the 19th and 20th centuries, and it’s also a steadfast belief that has guided Piety Group Customer Relationship Coordinator Lyndal Herczik through her career (and life!).


Because Lyndal is an employee who genuinely cares about the impact she has on clients and her colleagues. She knows that she can put people at ease with her smile, warmth and charm with one-on-one interaction that makes the customer feel validated in this tech-reliant world.

Drawn to join Piety Group because of a passion for property development and real estate, Lyndal was eager to challenge herself. She’d always been in sales and customer care roles but saw this as an outstanding opportunity to hone her client relation skills and make a difference to those wanting to purchase a property in what she calls the “best country to live in right now”.

With a positive outlook to match her outgoing nature, Lyndal strives to consistently add value to the business by improved customer service processes pre and post-settlement and be up to date with buyers’ wants and needs in NSW. She emulates every value Piety Group stands for and ensures customers know that when they purchase from them they have invested in a company that cares about where and how people live.

A customer relationship coordinator’s day

On a typical day, Lyndal is tasked with keeping conversation channels open with past, present and potential Piety Group client. Whether it’s by phone or email, she’s always at hand to offer congratulations on an exciting unconditional settlement or makes calls to ensure residents are settling in well to their new home. A follow-up call with new residents two weeks later is something she enjoys because it shows the customer they’re more than just a number – they have bought into the Piety Group family.

Supporting her team and sharing wins with the wider group is also something Lyndal relishes. A team player who’s there with the eternal aim to continually improve customer service, she seeks out feedback and makes a difference by implementing strategies that get results.

Backed by a career of stellar sales results and accolades, Lyndal has helped in her previous roles by assisting companies to increase profits and ensured staff realise their potential. This has included over $1 million in sales each financial year for three years running (with a product retaining for $5k) and being awarded as a top communicator.

Piety People

Inspiration comes from many facets for Lyndal. There’s dynamic entrepreneur Gary Vee or the sporting powerhouse Dylan Allcott who leave her in awe. Or there’s those closer to home – her mum, mother-in-law and her husband, who are incredible mentors that have left an indelible print on her pursuit for success at Piety Group.

When she’s not ensuring happiness and harmony with the customers of Piety Group, you’ll find Lyndal relishing the great outdoors with her son, indulging in her love of documentaries, the gym, cooking or basking in the sunshine at the beach with her beloved family.

With an attitude of gratitude that permeates the entire Piety Group team, Lyndal continues to shine as a beacon of positivity while assisting customers in their journey towards purchasing affordable, high-quality residential homes.